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Why a Cruise Vacation is YOUR Dream Holiday

Thinking you could use an escape from the wintertime blahs, maybe even that dream holiday you've been thinking about for years? A Caribbean cruise vacation is the answer! What makes a cruise your dream holiday, you ask? Well, put simply, a cruise combines all the elements of a dream vacation into one blissful trip. There is ALWAYS something to do, no matter your age or interests. Whether you're on your honeymoon, vacationing with the family, or spending quality time reuniting old friends, a cruise is guaranteed to fulfill your dreams.

Picture yourself riding on a beautiful cruise ship, looking over the railing to see brilliant blue waters, idyllic sunsets, and dolphins playing in the white-capped waves. Do you feel dreamy already? This fantasy can be your reality if you choose a cruise for your next vacation.

With multiple poolside decks to lay out in the sunshine while enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean, along with reggae music and fruity island beverages, daytime on the cruise ship can be very relaxing. If you prefer to be more active, most ships are fully equipped with activities. Take a jog around the boat-top track, or spend the day in aerobics and yoga classes followed by a massage and facial at the spa. If shopping is your one true love, you'll be in heaven with all the shops on the ships, ranging from inexpensive trinkets to fancy wine and fine clothing.

As if there isn't enough to do aboard the boat, don't forget about island excursions! As the ship makes stops at various tropical paradises, you can take in the local culture or fulfill your need for adventure. Locals await you to take you to their favorite coral to swim with the dolphins or on a waterfall climb. Also, there is unlimited shopping on the islands, so you can really add to your art collection or your wardrobe. Try the native food of the islands, and maybe learn a new word or two. By the time you climb back aboard your ship you'll truly feel like you've visited another world.

Now it's time to hop in the shower to prepare for the evening. Every night on a cruise ship is magical. Start out with a five-course meal in the fine dining room (that's already paid for!!). Enjoy drinks, piano music, cover bands, dancing and more in one of the several bars, or try your luck at black jack or poker in the casino. There are always cruise-wide games to play on the decks if you want to meet new people or just be silly with your friends and family. No matter what you are looking for in a holiday vacation, a cruise is sure to fulfill your dreams!

Keith Kingston is a professional web publisher offering Royal Carribean cruises and cheap hotel reservations.


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