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Defeating the Drug Smugglers in Ultra Fast Boats, Skimmer Craft and Hydrofoils

The drug smugglers have ultra fast boats, skimmer craft and hydrofoils, which makes it difficult to give pursuit by conventional marine craft. The problem is getting worse as drug smugglers ratchet up the game stakes using ultra fast water craft, submarines and aircraft. They have the money to buy the best of everything, radar, sonar, communication, weapons, etc. to insure that their drugs get thru as the payoffs are quite high since the street value of these illegal drugs are in high demand and command a huge price point.

Last year was a record year due to the new net-centric and information sharing between FBI, DEA, Border Patrol, ATF and US Coast Guard working with tips from street level local law enforcement and state police.

One of the biggest obstacles is hydrofoil skimmer craft, which look like real boats on the surface but raise up on hydrofoil feet and can attain and maintain extremely high speeds. They cannot out run aircraft but their range is generally quite a bit greater and they have radar-jamming equipment, guns and are often difficult to apprehend.

There are ways to sink such hydrofoils, which out run many of the coast guards present fleet. The USCG is investing heavily in Aircraft, UAVs, Underwater Unmanned Vehicles, Satellite Communications Systems and Net-Centric Warfare style systems. Currently the game is almost won. But when it comes the Drug War there is a lot at stake and Billionaire renegades who do not take losing lightly. They have huge piles of cash, lots of balls, creative minds and know that they can buy off over 1/3 of people working on the enforcement side. They pay big bucks to their drug runners, do not have problems getting rid of lose ends and generally seem to get an adrenaline rush out of their illegal and deadly profession. They can hire the best security people, combat special force veterans from many different countries who hire themselves out as Soldiers of Fortune to the highest bidder and for the Drug Lords, well they are not exactly short on cash. Delivering drugs between Hurricanes, during Presidential Debates when all eyes and security is busy. Sounds like Miami Vice, TV show? Well, it gets even crazier and bizarre as they introduce hydrofoil water craft on the scene capable of our running anything on the water and then simply slowing down and blending in with all the other multi-million dollar yachts.

There is now a way to use underwater devices, special torpedoes dropped from aircraft well ahead of the drug runners without them knowing, which will not only intercept them, but sink them in second, not minutes, with no explosions, just instantly making them disappear as if lost in the Devil's Triangle.

This new concept device can be dropped from any of the United States coast Guards current aircraft equipment. It is a torpedo device with compressed methane, CO2, Hydrogen, Natural Gas, Oxygen that lands in the water and is controlled by satellite guidance system SGS, using the latest GPS technology or by LOS Line of Sight communication, or NLOS - Non-line of Sight RF. The torpedo is dropped out of the aircraft to loiter near the path of the approaching craft, as the craft approaches it maneuvers itself into the direct track and trajectory of the target. The craft then remains about 20-40 feet below the surface of the water and as the craft approaches lets all the compressed gas escape at once. The Target then falls into open space created by the gas trying to get to the surface and falls like going off a water fall as the gas escapes to the surface creating the cavity. The target will tumble and be a total loss. The sea will immediately close in behind it swallowing up the vessel. Done deal.

The Torpedo shaped carrier devices then films the sunken vessel remains underwater and floats back to the surface, where an ELT -Emergency locator Transmitter signals the United States Coast Guard of discharge after the escaping gas is depleted. The carrier devices also gives away it's location automatically by a GeoSat, which is looking for anomalies on the ocean surface such as gas, surface temperature, changes ocean height or temperature. The carrier device now empty floats and awaits pick-up for reloading and next assignment, so it is not wasted. The carrier device has handles on it, which any survivors, although not likely, can grab onto and wait to be apprehended as soon as the carrier device is ready for retrieval in a few days or when ever?

There is no way to escape this strategy, except to do what the RAF pilots were told to do in their Spitfires in WWII, never fly straight and level for more than 30 seconds. If the operator of the hydro skimmer is constantly changing it's course, trajectory and vectoring, then that will show up on satellite and radar and it will then be a known drug target or threat of some kind. Since only someone with something to hide would exhibit such behavior.

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