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Dock Cleaning Procedures

It is important when cleaning a dock that you use these steps as to not cause wood damage or hardship. If you do not follow these steps, we told you so. So here is how it is done by the professionals who would rather get it right the first time, get it over with and get back out on the water where we belong.

Remove any furniture, grills, etc. Watch for damage to the wood, scout out where you will clean before you start, sometimes once wet you cannot see the flaws in the wood as easy. If you are doing this as a contractor you may wish to point out these areas to the Marina management. You may want to bring this to the attention of the boss as a good P.R. move. Wet the deck, dock or pier with low pressure if you plan on using any chemicals; we do not recommend chemicals if you can help it. You may not be able to use chemicals due to environmental laws but if you can use soap and chemicals try to find ones that do not contain sodium hypochlorite, bleach or acids. After the chemical has had proper dwell time, use a Hydro-twister or a 40-degree nozzle tip. You must use the 40-degree tip with an extension wand for railings and stairs. Either way 1500 PSI is fine for this type of in-close detail work. Remember the sensitivity of the wood fibers while keeping in mind how delicate the wood is.

Cleaning the rails and pickets first is a good idea and is recommended. Always pressure clean with the grain in the wood. If using a wand try to use a 'pendulum' or 'sweeping motion' at the end of your strokes. Follow through with your strokes as you would with a golf club. This technique helps eliminate streaking, damaging wood fibers and cuts down on carpal tunnel repetitive motion. Be careful on dwell time because chemicals will dry faster. Large jobs should be done in 10' by 10' sections or 20' by 20' foot sections. Always clean any patio furniture, umbrellas or grills before you leave.

Follow these procedures to save time and keep the cleaning as efficient as possible. Remember every hour you save can be better spent on the boat.

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