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Tips on Marina and Dock Sealing

It is important to follow these procedures when sealing a private dock or a dock at the marina. Always let the dock dry for three to twenty-four hours before applying any coating or sealant. You cannot put a seal coat over on top of moisture or wet wood.

Mask off boats, shrubbery, masonry, foliage with drop cloths or large sheets of cardboard. When using an airless sprayer use a 0.014-inch fine tip at about 250 to 500 PSI. if you are using a lower pressure sprayer or pump sprayer that is okay, but get in close. Apply water repellant, coating or sealant to railings, spindles, etc. first. Then move to the floor of the dock, deck or pier. Always work with the grain spraying in that direction. Use liberal portions of coating.

Be sure to brush out any puddles or drips aiming for smooth uniform application. Make sure whatever product you end up choosing is a preservative and not just a 'water repellant'. Always have your EPA information with you, which you can download from the Internet;

Knowledge is power. If you choose to use any other water repellant coating or sealant make sure it says U.V. (ultra-violet) protectant. Also look for a mildew retardant. This is especially important because these horizontal surfaces are subject to intense heat and sun damage with fast algae growth rates.

If you are a contractor and doing this for a living; Remember that the marina manager or the dock master can be a great benefit to your business. Treat them well and they will usually bend over backwards trying to get you an unlimited amount of work through referrals. They will usually introduce you to boat owners. They can also be a great contact for any yacht sale or boat sale companies there on site, which will also give you almost unlimited work if you give them good results and reliable, consistent work. Boat dealers always need services and they know everyone.

You should also have some spill containment devices such as oil absorbent floating devices. These sealants are quite toxic and will kill sea life or fish in a lake. They also stick to boat hulls, which could really piss someone off big time.

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