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How To Save Money On Cruises

1. If you're 55 or older, you can get senior citizen discounts.

2. If you belong to American Automobile Association or American Association Of Retired Persons, you can get a discount.

3. "Buy One-Get One" fares are often offered. You buy your ticket and bring another person along for the ride. Or better yet, split the cost of the fare and you both travel at a 50% discount.

4. Added Value or Free Days. You book a 7-day cruise and get 3 days free or free shore excursions, as well as pre or post cruise hotel rooms.

5. Flat fare specials are one fixed price for the best available cabin at the time of booking.

6. Share a cabin with friends, another couple or two family members and you could easily end up cruising for free. This fare package can also be cut four ways - reducing the burden on all. You will be sleeping in head over bunks that are comfortable, so consider this strategy. Just make sure everyone gets along.

7. You should check into airfares at reduced rates offered by your cruise line to get you to your embarkation site.

8. How about an upgrade? Better cabins, discounted certificates, 10-40 percent savings off advertised prices may all be offered by your cruise line through their respective newsletters.

9. The early bird still gets the cruise, just like with the airlines. If you're a good long-range planner, then you can save mucho dinero. The earlier you book your cruise - the more you save. Typically 10 - 40%.

10. If you belong to an association, organization, if you have a wedding party, family reunion, belong to a church group or are planning a corporate outing you can get a hefty group discount. As always, don't be afraid to ask!

11. Stand by! Yes, it happens with cruise ships too. Typically you're notified three weeks prior to departure if there is space. Late notice like this means you get a nice discount fare.

Bonus Tip:

Did you know that the best cabins to avoid seasickness in are the lower and middle deck cabins? There is more stability here than the pricey upper cabins! Just make sure you're not placed under the Disco, in high traffic areas, or near the engine room. Diesel powered ships vibrate near the stern (rear) of the ship and passenger cabins near the bow (front) may subject you to hearing the anchor raise and lower.

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